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Every single person can subscribe for free to the dating website. When you have a free membership, you can use some functions of the website .

Before proceeding you need first to register your profile and become our free member. See this FAQ page for further explanation.

After you have registered, you will receive a verification email. You click on the confirm link. After verification by our moderators you are registered as a free member.

Paid Membership

If you pay for your membership, you can use much more functions like chat and do comments.

The regular membership offers more features. If you decide to be a VIP member, you can use all the features of the website.

To make use of all functionalities you can opt for the paid membership. You can pay mobile (Mpesa) or pay via Paypal. But first you have to register your profile.

Look at the scheme below which functions you can use with the various memberships:

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